Got a bad review? Give the books away!

To celebrate getting a stinker of a review from one reader on Goodreads (worth signing up just to read it) we’re giving away (yes, we can give them away) three signed copies of The Butterfly Cabinet to Goodreads readers in the UK. You need to sign up for Goodreads to be eligible, then search for The Butterfly Cabinet and the Giveaway will be listed there. If you’re already a Goodreads reader, the little g/Add book widget to the left hand side of my home page will take you straight there. The giveaway is open until 17th August 2011. The books will be posted to the winners directly.

And in the interests of balance, here are some readers who recently read it and did like it:

Kirkus Reviews: ‘An emotionally bracing, refreshingly intelligent and ultimately heartbreaking story.’ 

USA Today: ‘This is a fantastic novel. It drenches us in gothic sensibilities as it haunts us with uncomfortable reminders of recent sensational events.’  

Sydney Morning Herald: ‘McGill’s complex portrait of an unmotherly mother is as skilful and unusual as Lionel Shriver’s We Need to Talk About Kevin.’

The Huffington Post: ‘Where McGill succeeds so well is in her language, beautiful and languorous and wild…’

Minneapolis Star Tribune: ‘McGill employs an ingenious counterpoint technique to give her convincing fictional version of the tragedy. The interplay of the voices of two exceptionally different personalities is perhaps the book’s major achievement.’

New Zealand Herald: ‘McGill’s real triumph with this novel is how successfully she manipulates the way we feel about her two main characters… the prose is elegant and assured.’  

Publishers Weekly: ‘a powder keg of domestic suspense that threatens to explode as long-kept secrets surrounding Charlotte’s death are teased out.’  

You can read UK/Ireland press reviews here:  And if you're willing to risk it, good luck in the giveaway draw.